Muniba Mazari decided to find her inner strength by using art as a tool after a car accident which left her paralysed, nine years ago. A dreamer, Ms Mazari chose art as a way to break free from the fetters of her physical disability and transcend into the vibrant world of her dreams. Her art is a glimpse into her aspirations in life, her fears and her never fading hope. It is a depiction of memories that may have once haunted her but have now transformed into opportunities, passion and resilience. She is running her brand by the name 'Muniba's Canvas'. Her paintings are not merely paintings, they depict her life story. They are dwellings from the beautiful dreams that have pushed her to achieve what many abled people have failed to achieve.

Ms Mazari started her professional career as a content writer. She has worked with Toni & Guy in 'Woman of Substance' campaign. That makes her asia's first wheelchair bound model. She's a social Activist who works with the schools which particularly cater the needs of less privileged children. As brand ambassador for Chughtai Lab Pakistan, medical camps are being organised in different cities of pakistan particularly in those schools who give free education to those who are less fortunate. These camps include free diagnostics and medical tests of all kinds, free medical advice, medicines, parents and teacher counselling, lessons on personal hygiene and a lot more. The main aim behind this initiative is to provide free medical facilities to those who can't afford it.

She is Asia's first wheelchair bound television host who works as an anchor person for National TV of pakistan. She was BBC's one the 100 influential women from the world this year. She is one of the pond's miracle mentors. She's a motivational speaker and has been recently nominated as the very first Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan.


Through her work and life story, Ms Mazari aspires to inspire those who lose hope. The only message she gives to the world is that 'You are the hero of your own life story and heroes Never Give Up!'.

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